Cats are one of the most loved animals in the world. In the cat family, there are domestic cats as well as wild cats. The sand cat is one such wild cat species that has a bit similar look to domestic cats. And due to their looks, people misunderstand them for domestic cats.

Sand cats are endangered and therefore the birth of sand cats is a matter of celebration.  Recently, Zoo Boise has got happy news of three adorable sand kittens born. The birth of the triplet is very special to the zoo. Scroll down to know about these lovely little sand cats.

More info & Photo courtesy: Zoo Boise


Sand cat
Image credits: Facebook/Zoo Boise

The adorable triplet was born on 4th April this year and their birth was celebrated because they are the first-ever Sand cats to be born at Zoo Boise. Simba and Nala are the proud parents of these three male sand cats. The three cutie pies are fit and fine and weigh about 90 grams. They are all healthy with no abnormalities.

These animals live in sandy deserts like Sahara. With the look of their fur, it is easy for them to camouflage in the deserts. These cats are a bit aggressive species. Though they are so adorable there aren’t many of them left, they are endangered.


Sand cat
Image credits: Facebook/Zoo Boise

In order to protect endangered animal species, there are survival plans and Sand Cat Species Survival Plan has ensured their birth. Through these plans, they aim to protect the animals, and therefore the breeding of the animals is done carefully.

The newborn cuties are not on display and are having time bonding with mommy and daddy. Soon mommy Nala would let them explore around. So what do you think about these little cuties? Aren’t they cute? Share your thoughts with us through comments.

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