Heartbreak is usually referred to as an emotional condition. But most of us experience pain and effects that go beyond emotional pain. More than sadness, tears, and regret, there are a bunch of more complex things that the world does not consider as effects of heartbreak.

When checking up with the medical sector, the is actually a term for it; “broken heart syndrome”. Even if you are not aware of this academically, you can always relate to it if you had heartbreak. Scroll down to check out the list of other complex results of heartbreak that society doesn’t talk about.

#1. Dropping Of The Heart Rate.

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Psychological researches have proved that when a person feels hurt, rejected, and feels left out, their heart rate drops. This goes the same with heartbreaks.

#2. Release Of Stress Hormones.

When you go through a heartbreak, hormones that will cultivate stress will produce. This is what makes you feel drowsy and stressed in general.

#3. Loss Of Apettite.

Due to the sadness and stress, hunger becomes irrelevant. But in times where your mind and body are stressed, cutting off nutrition is a very bad move.

#4. Cardiomyopathy Due To The Stress.

In times of extreme sadness including heartbreak, a part of your heart can enlargen a bit. This is what you might feel as if your heartaches or something similar to a heart attack. It is however temporary, but it creates a physical threat to your body.

#5. Losing Focus.

Control and focus get lost. You will lose track of a lot of things in life, work and others. This will create extra problems to make the situation worse.

#6. Body Aches.

Extreme mental stress can lead to physical pain. Headaches, drowsiness, muscle pain, and a bunch of other physical pain can be initiated through stress.

#7. Hair Loss.

This is one common sign of stress and you will experience this even though the pain you feel is mental. Even if you are able to subside your stress, hair fall is a condition that can stick around for a long time.

#8. Being Addicted To What’s Lost.

Even though you know what or who made you stressed. You find it extremely hard to stop yearning for them. You will find yourself thinking about them or stalking them online automatically after a heartbreak.

#9. Troubled Sleep.

Sleep is a state where the mind settles downs to give your body and mind rest. With the stress hormones and a troubled mind, proper sleep becomes a challenge to you. Loss of sleep will have its own negative physical effects on you.

#10. Nausea.

Nausea, Vomiting, and the unsettled feeling will become constant companions of you during a heavily stressed heartbreak.

#11. Panic Attacks.

With the stress hormones making your heart enlargen, it can cause irregularities in its pumping blood. This also causes more cortisol to be produced. Excess cortisol creates panic attacks.

#12. Isolation.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

You will refuse to socialize and open up with people until some time following a heartbreak. This will cut you off from others and drown you in your misery. You will only recover after progesterone levels in your body recover.

If you can relate to the aforementioned points, then you can agree that heartbreak will bring physical setbacks to a person as well. So, being aware of these conditions for yourself as well as others will help you in life someday. Heartbreaks can cause serious effects to a person, they are not conditions that everyone can walk off. We hope that his article will help you at some point in life and save yourself.

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