Almost every person in this world loves to travel around and explore the beauty of the world. Especially nowadays people travel a lot after being inside the houses for a long time due to the pandemic.

You might have traveled to different places in the world, but have you ever noticed what’s behind those most visited places. Always what you focus on are the monuments that you visit but actually, the areas around those monuments are also equally interesting. This photographer Oliver Curtis captures those unnoticed scenes on camera and shows them to the world through his series Volte-face. So scroll down to have a look at the interesting images.


Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa, Louvre, Paris, France/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Christ the Redeemer
Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Lenin's Tomb
Lenin’s Tomb, Moscow, Russia/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Mao Mausoleum
Mao Mausoleum, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China/ image credits: Oliver Curtis

He captured the opposite sides of the historic monuments and the images are quite interesting to see. The inspiration for this series had come to his mind after he had visited the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo.


Taj Mahal,
Taj Mahal, Agra, India/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty, New York, USA/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Parthenon, Athens, Greece/ image credits: Oliver Curtis

When he had seen what’s behind him he had been fascinated. It had been a newly constructed golf course behind him and the amazing colors of nature had fascinated him. And he had shared about it on Creative Boom.


Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Hollywood Sign,
Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, USA/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China, Mutianyu, China/ image credits: Oliver Curtis

And after that, his journey of capturing these images had begun. He had been successful in capturing images of what’s behind some amazing historical monuments.


Pyramid Of Khufu
Pyramid Of Khufu, Giza, Egypt/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Colosseum, Rome, Italy/ image credits: Oliver Curtis


Reichstag, Berlin, Germany/ image credits: Oliver Curtis

So what do you think about these images? Comment below and share your thoughts with us.

Oliver Curtis: Website | Twitter
via [Creative Boom]

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