The newly rooted culture of ‘working at home’ is beginning to become a mainstream practice in a lot of professional fields. So, since this can be quite different and new, working at home can be a bit of a mess. Here are some hacks / tips to make your work from home more effective.

Create and set up a routine.

Sticking to work and being productive at home can be a bit challenging. Setting up a routine for yourself can help you overcome this issue. Set up a routine based on the time that you’re most efficient on (if the working hours are flexible). The routine can include waking and getting out of the bed at a specific time, self-grooming, changing out of your PJs, having specific intervals for food, and so on. A routine can help you to keep track of time and also to put you in ‘work mode’.

Setting up your work space.

No matter what place, there should be an allocated area for you to be working. Even if it is your table, garage, dining room, or any other place. The setup and placement play a huge role in getting yourself to be productive. A spacious place with good sunlight is something anyone can try since it will boost your mentality to be more active and focused.

However; beds, couches and other areas designated for relaxation might not help you to work but to lose focus and fall into sleep.

Have adequate breaks.

Working at home can challenge you physically after being stationed in one place for a long time. So, you can schedule and remind yourself to take a fast break so you can walk outside to have some fresh air, get your water bottle refilled or maybe even to do a couple of yoga stretches!

Managing your workspace.

Obviously, a workspace should not be cramped up. But you can add few items other than your work essentials to help yourself to become more productive. Here are some suggestions;

  • Air filtering pot plants.
  • Air freshening candles or other products.
  • A music player.
  • A board to write and erase for quick notes.
  • A better-built chair for better posture.
  • Cooling glasses for your eyes.

You can add your own supporting items to make your work more productive but not to make it too relaxed and comfy!

Keep away from distractions.

Working at home is challenging since your family can get your attention time to time. Having a specific workplace, attire or even signs (closed door or DND boards) can let them know that you are engaged in work and they shouldn’t distract you from your work.

Another sort of major distraction is cyber distractions. Social media can pop up any time and take you away for hours. For being more efficient at work, you can try to mute and turn off all push notifications on your devices or you can use applications that can help you limit the time you spend on social media as well as limit the notifications from them once you are engaged in your work.


Since you are not in your office workspace, your team is far from you. Make sure that you communicate clearly and frequently to avoid mistakes in your work or to correct them as soon as possible.

Working at home can be isolated, so it is a good idea to keep the conversations more friendly whenever possible so that it lifts the mood of your team which helps you to keep the efficiency high.


The hacks/tips above might be helpful in making your work at home more productive. But make sure you don’t lose your relationships with your loved ones and also keep in check with your mental/physical wellbeing.

Please let us know what you think about this article and please do share!

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