People with higher levels of intelligence are seen to succeed in life. They reach the heights they aim since they have the knowledge, the vision and the potential to do so. But it is a general fact that most of the intelligent people tend to be lesser content in life.

Scroll down to check out what might cause them to be less happier. Leave your thoughts about these in the comments section below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Life Awakened

#1. People with higher brain activity is likely to have mental disorders.

Most of the extremely intelligent people suffer from disorders like, bipolar and anxiety due to the extreme brain activity.

#2. Might struggle to comprehend basic things.

When you always grapple with tough problems and goals all the time the brain is not used to handle day to day situations as they should be dealt with. So, they fail at things that normally people would do in general.

#3. They are not satisfied easily.

People with higher intelligence levels go for bigger goals and harder options. So, simple happiness in life is not enough for them to be happy at all.

#4. Ego driven.

When a person tends to be intelligent and be academically correct. So, they usually tend to feel superior than the others. This leads to excessive problems when they have to be the smartest person in the room.

#5. They Have high standards all the time.

Since their achievements are exceptional, they tend to have high standards and expectations on everything which is a bit far fetched in reality.

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