The modern world has turned out to be a bitter place to live in the current day. The chaos that unfolds due to inflation, war, post-pandemic issues, and other things make our lives difficult at times. To counter these sources of negative energy, people need a hint of wholesomeness in their lives every now and then. It can be anything big or small to make your heart flutter.

These things are the motivation and the comfort any person needs to carry on with their lives with positivity. But wholesome events have a very positive element in them that spreads happiness even to anyone who witnesses them as well. Witnessing these positive events will light up your soul and makes you want to become a better person all the time. And this is what every person needs to carry on with their lives in this crazy world we live in. So, we thought of lining up a set of wholesome stories for you to brighten your day up. Scroll down to check them out below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Happy

#1. After A Long Tiring Journey.

Photo courtesy: umxx21

#2. Trained 2 Months For A 6.5km Race And Lost Three Clothes-Sizes.

Photo courtesy: toriadenofrio

#3. After The Last Submission Of Her Master’s Degree.

Photo courtesy: LuneMoth

#4. A Citizen After 17 Years.

Photo courtesy: FlyingUndeadSheep

#5. Graduating High School After Being Suicidal 3 Years Ago.

Photo courtesy: littlemermaidxx

#6. The Groom Unable To Control His Laughter At His Wedding.

Photo courtesy: wholebunchofbees

#7. All Clear For Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

Photo courtesy:

#8. She Suffered With Anxiety Before Getting Her First Dog.

Photo courtesy: 710coug

#9. Publishing His First Fantasy-Book After After 4 Years Of Struggling And Rejection.

Photo courtesy: Wordsmith_Rypht

#10. He Received His Arrow Sash.

Photo courtesy: NumisNick

#11. A Heart And Lung Surgeon After 13 Years Of Studying.

Photo courtesy:save_our_bluths_

#12. First Day To College After 200 Days Of Being Drug-Free.

Photo courtesy: A_yeasty_vagina

#13. Finally. After Trying For Years.

Photo courtesy: osmosisparrot

#14. Now They Upgraded Themselves From Being Best Friends To Partners.

Photo courtesy: trippin_the_velvet

#15. Rainbow Mommy. A Drawing Done By Her Kid.

Photo courtesy: Bored Panda

#16. Winning At The Special-Olympics.

Photo courtesy:

#17. Six Months Together.

Photo courtesy: corgiboat1

#18. 135 Days Free Of Drugs After 8 Years Of Addiction.

Photo courtesy: OpenmindedRecovery

#19. Moving Into A House After Years Of Hard And Bad Experiences At Work.

Photo courtesy: amybris

#20. She Kicked Tumor’s Butt.

Photo courtesy: bnjthy

#21. Buying The First Car.

Photo courtesy: Lexuss

#22. The Faces Of A Newly Engaged Couple.

Photo courtesy: fireball_cooper

#23. She Said Yes To Go To The Dance With Him Almost 11 Years Ago.

Photo courtesy: Spooky_Gecko

#24. Asked Out His Girlfriend’s Parents’ Blessings To Get Married In Their Language.

Photo courtesy: SEND_ME_SPIDERMAN

#25. This Single Dad And Son Moved Into Their First Own Home.

Photo courtesy: mrcoldpiece

#26. A School Dance For The Students With Special Needs.

Photo courtesy: that_happy_pillow

#27. After 365 Days Of Being Sober.

Photo courtesy: VirginSubpoenaColada

#28. Back At University After Being Brainwashed At A Church For Years.

Photo courtesy: TheOmnipotentPilot

#29. This Father Stood And Took His First Few Steps After A Heart Aneurism.

Photo courtesy: justynebean

#30. Back As A Student After 4 Years, After A Traumatic Brain-Injury. 

Photo courtesy: CourtM092

These wholesome posts were found on Reddit under the subreddit “Happy”. If you want to check out more wholesome posts, follow the link. Let us know what you think about this article in the comments section below.

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