Animals are very cool with their behavior and in many elements of their existence. Even we, as creatures who have evolved, have a lot of association with animals to date. The modern sciences study animals, their behavior, and a lot about them. Every single day the results and what we discover about them are amazing.

Having a pet is a very usual thing to do. But there are a lot of species out there that are not domesticated. So, isn’t it cool to dive into some behavioral facts so we can get to know them better? Well, we collected some amazing behavioral facts about animals that are heartwarming. So scroll down this article to read more about this.

#1. Loveliness.

Photo courtesy: Pexels

When a group of ladybugs is together, they are called ‘loveliness’.

#2. Beavers Responding To Running Water.

Photo courtesy: Svetozar Cenisev

Beavers build dams whenever they hear water running. This was tested by playing an audio clip of running-water. The next thing you know is that the beaver started building a dam around the speaker.

#3. Pigeons Can Be Domesticated.

Photo courtesy: Hkyu Wu

Just like dogs and cats, pigeons too can be domesticated and trained. They are feral and most of the pigeons in the city are from birds who had to leave their homes.

#4. Bearded Dragons Wave.

Photo courtesy: Pexels

These animals use a hand-motion which is similar to a wave to identify themselves as not being a threat. So, basically, this is a ‘hello’, and waving back would be responding in their own language.

#5. Cats Sleeping On Shoes And Clothes.

Photo courtesy: Paul Hanaoka

Cats sleep on your shoes or your belongings because they can smell you on them. This gives them relaxation and a sense of security.

#6. Wombats Sharing Homes.

Photo courtesy: Betty Chen

During the blazing wildfires that raged across Australia, wombats made more space in their borrows for other animals to take shelter in.

#7. Goats Mark Their Favorite Hooman.

Photo courtesy: Pexels

You’ve seen cats rub their head on their owner. This is to mark these people as theirs. The scent markers on the top of their heads are very similar to the ones of the goats. So, goats too, claim their hooman by rubbing their heads.

#8. Zebras Cannot Sleep Alone.

Photo courtesy: Antoine Plüss

Studies have shown that Zebras sleep in herds or groups. And the zebras who are alone usually do not sleep until they find a group to do so.

#9. Cats Knead On You When They Are Comfortable With You.

Photo courtesy: Janet 59

As much as it hurts, the kneading is done only on people and animals that the cats are comfortable with. They start to knead with the mothers and with whoever they create a bond with, the knead on. Even though this hurts, it shows that the cat loves and trusts you.

#10. Socializing Eels.

Photo courtesy: Jeffry Surianto

A Japanese aquarium faced an issue with their eels being antisocial during the times of the pandemic. Therefore, the staff ‘face timed’ with these eels in order to keep them socialized and it worked.

#11. Sharks Get Attached.

Photo courtesy: Pexels

Some sharks who allow humans to pet them are known to get attached. They would chase away the other sharks that would come close to their hooman.

#12. Guinea Pig Rules In Switzerland.

Photo courtesy: Bonnie Kittle

In Switzerland, it is illegal to have a single guinea pig as a pet. The government allows them to be adopted in multiple numbers since they can feel lonely by themselves.

#13. Cows Have Best Friends.

Photo courtesy: Daniel Quiceno M

Studies have shown that, even though cows hangout as groups, each one has its own best friend.

#14. Dogs Like To Hangout With Humans As Much As We Do.

Photo courtesy: Cynthia Smith

Medical studies have discovered that the brainwaves of dogs and the amount of happiness stimulated by hanging around us are very high. They feel happier being with us than other dogs.

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