How many times would you witness a Large Black Bear napping in your kiddie pool? This is another wonderful sighting of a funny Wildlife behavior. 

This event was witnessed by Regina Keller in Virginia. She has been witnessing and photographing these wonderful interactions with the animals who visit her from the forest. 


This was different from what she has seen all her 12 years of interacting with animals. A Large, Black Male Bear grazed into her backyard. This was a bear who visited Mrs. Keller’s backyard two years after its first visit. 


The bear found the kiddie pool laying on the grass. After checking the water with its paw, the bear climbed in and seemed to be pretty relaxed being in the pool. Mrs. Keller sat down to observe and record this very peculiar guest. 

It had a nice nap for around an hour until Mrs. Keller’s grandchildren arrived on the way ro the house with noise. The bear quickly retreated back into the forest with the oncoming sound. 


Mrs. Keller explained that these are the moments that bring her happiness while going about her day to day life. 

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