Many saw and identified the world via maps back in the day. The lines, markings, the words and numbers, that is all people had to understand about a place and its properties. Since maps are going out of style with the invention of technological advancements. Hardcopies of maps are not being printed as they were being printed and a lot of them are just sitting on store racks or in cardboard boxes up in the attics.

As always, the artistic eye finds the aesthetic composition in any and everything. this article is about such an artist who creates amazing art among the lines and markings on maps. By drawing intricate crosshatched human portraits on vintage maps, Fairburn’s art makes us think about the deep connection between people and the places they call home. His art is being viewed and talked about all over the world. So, we thought of listing some of his awesome work for you to check out.

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Photo Courtesy: Fairburn


Photo Courtesy: Fairburn


Photo Courtesy: Fairburn

Fairburn, who lives in the UK, starts off all of his creative projects by hunting down the perfect old map. He uses everything from topographic maps to city layouts and road networks as his canvas. Instead of drawing over or against the map’s current lines and markings, he uses them to his advantage. Streets, rivers, and contour lines blend seamlessly into his portraits, making his subjects part of the landscape in the most beautiful way.


Photo Courtesy: Fairburn


Photo Courtesy: Fairburn


Photo Courtesy: Fairburn

One of the coolest things about Fairburn’s work is how he lets the natural features of the maps guide his drawings. Winding roads might become the curves of a face, or a river could outline a jawline. He also uses the roads and pathways as borders, filling the spaces with his signature crosshatching. Depending on how densely he packs these lines, he creates amazing effects of light, shadow, and texture. Up close, it looks like a bunch of lines, but step back, and the portrait comes to life in stunning detail.


Photo Courtesy: Fairburn


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Fairburn’s chooses his maps from all over the world, including places in the United States, Canada, and Europe. But he often focuses on spots close to home, like England and Scotland. He’s drawn on maps featuring iconic landmarks, adding a personal touch to his art. His unique style has caught the eye of many, and he’s even been commissioned to create special movie posters for big names like Indiana Jones and John Wick. Both the art and the map has their own value, and together, they multiply the value to create morphed art.


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Fairburn’s art is special because of all the stories it tells about the places and the people who live there. The way he combines human features with geographic details makes you see maps – and portraits – in a whole new way. It’s no wonder his work grabs so much attention and admiration from people around the world. Check out more of his work following the links below and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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