As you have seen how the penguins were meeting their companions in their territory. Here are some more heart melting incidents. Due to the Coronavirus quarantine the zoos all over the world have been locked to the visitors. But the keepers have taken time to share the moments of animals meeting each other and share their day-to-day life activities on social platforms. This helps to make smiles on our faces.

The most heart touching moments are the videos of the zoo animals seeing each other for the first time in their life. The most viewed activities were the meetups of the zoo animals. A loveable meetup of a sea lion with a tegu went viral recently. The loveable dubiety seen on the sea lions face made this video to be viewed more than 96k times. We looked in for more such videos and here are some more incidents like that. Hope you will enjoy the cuteness of the animals.

The lovable meetup of a sea lion with a tegu that went viral

This Video gone viral after one shared on his twitter.


Image credits: mysticaquarium


Some other zoos also have let their animals to see each other

Image credits: Cincinnati Zoo


San Diego Zoo also shared a Coati Cutie to meet a Gorilla

Among the ones who shares awesome moments of animals on their feed, the San Diego zoo also shared a Coati Cutie to meet a gorilla. And he seems to be interested in little animals. 

Image credits: sandiegozoo

Duck runner looking at the Penguins

The Maryland zoo also shared a video of a duck runner looking at the penguins on their twitter feed.

Image credits: marylandzoo

The Shedd aquarium shared penguin meetups.

Image credits: shedd_aquarium

To sidetrack the people from the going on disaster the Dallas Zoo has begun to share videos of the Behind the scenes rushes and learning videos for on their twitter feed. This is done since the lockdown due to coronavirus.

Image credits: DallasZoo

So this much unreal for us such animal meetups are common for zookeepers

Image credits: AnimusPanthera

Image credits: AnimusPanthera

Image credits: AnimusPanthera

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