As we scroll through social media posts, we get to witness the most unusual things of the world. ‘You Should Have Hired an Architect,’ it’s hard not to marvel at the pile of design blunders on display. From poorly planned extensions to awesome structural choices, each photo offers a glimpse into the strange and sometimes baffling world of amateur architecture. But amidst the chaos, there’s a sense of camaraderie among members, who share in the collective amusement and occasional horror at these architectural mishaps.

You might have a better story than all of this. Well, who knows? Scroll down to check some of the photos of this awesome group.

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Photo Courtesy: Container Home Made Easy


Photo Courtesy: Artly Snuff


Photo Courtesy: Mary Lingafelter


Photo Courtesy: Chad Faxon


Photo Courtesy: Allison Beer McKenzie

One of the group’s most valuable functions is its role as a learning tool for aspiring architects and homeowners alike. By separating the mistakes of creativity, members get valuable ideas into what not to do when designing a space. From the importance of structural integrity to the aesthetics of proportion and scale, the group offers a crash course in the fundamentals of good design.


Photo Courtesy: Richard A Solomon


Photo Courtesy: Allison Beer McKenzie


Photo Courtesy: Michael B. Klein


Photo Courtesy: Allison Beer McKenzie


Photo Courtesy: Allison Beer McKenzie

But perhaps the most awesome aspect of ‘You Should Have Hired an Architect’ is its ability to spark conversation about the broader role of architecture in society. Beyond the realm of design faux pas, members discuss the social, environmental, and ethical implications of architectural decisions. From sustainable building practices to the impact of urban development on communities, the group provides a platform for meaningful dialogue about the future of our built environment. Creating conversation on these things will give a lot of people insights on architectural ingenuity.


Photo Courtesy: Allison Beer McKenzie


Photo Courtesy: Natalie Ugarte


Photo Courtesy: Love The Netherlands


Photo Courtesy: Allison Beer McKenzie

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