A lady who had been sexually assaulted by a man catches him on camera. Fern, a 22-year old had been recording when she was doing squats and this man was caught to the camera at that time when he was touching her butt from behind. Though a person had passed by had done nothing to help the girl. The 22-year-old had shared this video on her TikTok and it was gone viral.

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Image credits: fernvillaceran


Image credits: fernvillaceran


She explains that she had been harassed before in a set of follow-up videos. And she had been accused that it was staged, but she had said with tearful eyes that though he was in some of her videos he’s neither her boyfriend nor husband. That he’s in them because he’s a worker there. She had said that she even spoke with the owner there.

She was supported by many viewers whereas some said that it was all staged and it’s common and that women all around the world face such situations at the gym. One viewer had asked what if it was staged, and had said that such things happen ‘in real life, filmed or not,’ and had said ‘now go cry about it, boys’.  Also one had said that not to ask why she was recording her workout or why she did not respond or if she had no idea how to. And had added saying no matter what the thing is, keep your hands to yourself.

#4. There were many people saying it was all an act.

#5. Whereas many supported her.

Dr. Bianca Fileborn from the University of Melbourne had said that things like staring at someone, passing sexualized comments, touching anyone without the consent of that person, and also trying to have an unwanted convo belong to a range of behaviors that constitutes harassment. She had said to The Guardian that it’s a common thing that ladies change their behaviors to get away from harassers. That they’ll go to the gym at a certain time or maybe stop going to areas where there are more men. 

#6. After Fern had explained more about it through some more videos.

Image credits: fernvillaceran


Image credits: fernvillaceran


Image credits: fernvillaceran


#10. Finally, that touchy man was fired from that place.

Image credits: fernvillaceran
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