A bit of courage is what needed to save anybody. This courageous lady reporter Juliana Mazza from local 7NEWS had saved Titus from the kidnapper. Titus, a German shorthaired pointer of 13 months was stolen at a car park in Cambridge.

While Juliana was shooting she had seen this man with a dog who looks similar to Titus. Then she had gone to the dog to show some love and trickily had checked its collar to confirm if it’s Titus. After her confirming that it’s the same dog she had informed the police and then the Dog and the true owner were reunited. 

More info & Media courtesy: Juliana Mazza

#1. Video of how things happened at that time.

#2. The man in the below picture had kidnapped Titus.

#3. While she was reporting the dognapping she had seen the same dog, Titus.

#4. After questioning the thief she had called the police.

#5. Greg Siesczkiewicz, the owner, and Titus were reunited.

The kidnapper had said that it was a misunderstanding, that maybe he mistook Titus for some other dog that he was supposed to walk. Anyways Juliana has questioned why he hastened informed to the number in Titus’s collar. Anyhow the thief was confirmed.

He had said different things at times like his phone was lost or it was broken. But eventually, he had said sorry for his mistake and said that it was a misunderstanding. And he was charged with 1.2K dollars for the acts he committed. 

And the crew of the news channel was thanked by Titus’s owner. Juliana also gained respect from all the reporters.

#6. Many people on the internet had praised Juliana for the heroic act.

Image credits: beachpoppy

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