Even though people say the world is getting more evil by the day, there is enough good around you if you look for it. This article is about such a wholesome story that comes to us from India. In one of the busiest cities of India; which I Kolkata, a local photographer was lucky enough to be at the right time, at the right place.

The photographer who got the chance to capture this moment on camera was, Sayan Chakraborty. On a rainy day in Kolkata, he was passing by one of the busiest places in the city; Park Circus seven-point crossing. A traffic police officer was on his point, on the intersection amidst the heavy rain. It is at this point a couple of stray dogs came right under his hand-held umbrella for shelter and the police officer did not hesitate a second to share his umbrella with them. We have shared this heart-melting photo below which later the Kolkata Police Department uploaded on their official Facebook Account as well.


A Police Officer Sheltering Doggies
Kolkata Police

This amazing soul is recognized as Constable of the Kolkata Police Station named; Tarun Kumar Mandal. His kind actions were highly appreciated by people all over the world and it did not take long for this photo to go viral on the internet. There have been so many reposts and illustrated arts, in appreciation for this police officer since it went viral. These people are the beacons of good who stand tall no matter how bad it gets. It does not cost you to help someone or do a simple good deed that would mean a lot to someone else. Start being better and spreading the love around you!



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