Everyone is after true love, it is become much harder in modern society to find true love. So, now we seek technical assistance to help us get the job done. There are many Oline dating applications such as Tinder. People meet people online, to make friends, to have dates, or even the love of their lives.

But this is a totally different story on Tinder. This is a piece of very peculiar news from Germany where an animal shelter used the world-famous dating app to find forever homes for their residents. This idea has been going on with very positive responses so far. Please scroll down to view an amazing story of these animals on Tinder.

More info & Photo courtesy: Goodnewsnetwork | YouTube


Setting Up Profiles

The Animal Welfare Association of Munich, Germany has decided to get some professional photographs done of 15 doggos and felines. After the photography was done, they were assigned tinder accounts for people who are in need of love to find this adorable bunch.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic raging across the world, donations for shelters are running low. Also, it is predicted that people will feel more isolated, alone and they will need more attention and love to carry on. While they swipe through these dating apps, these adorable animals will let them know that they will give you unconditional love if they are just given a home.


There is a lot of positivity about this idea of animals for adoption popping up on dating apps. It makes you feel loved than being rejected by some random strangers. Adopt an animal to give them a loving home and you will not be disappointed.

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