Art is a very expressive medium and painting is a really old form of art, that still prevails in the world as a prominent form of art. The color blends the shapes and shades helps to capture certain emotions and projects through this visual art style.

In this article, we are going to bring you some awesome art that was done by the amazing artist ONEQ. She is an illustrator, painter, and talented mural artist. Her latest artwork turned out to be so awesome that people from all over the world had shared pictures of it. It was a mural art she did on the side of an old boat that was abandoned in the port of her hometown, Kyushu, Japan.  Scroll down to check this awesome mural art that a lot of people are in love with.

More info & Photo courtesy: ONEQInstagram | Facebook | Twitter


Mural On A Boat

This Japanese artist’s work is inspired by Japanese manga comics and American pin-ups. The combination of these two styles results in very gorgeous female portraits that this artist skillfully executes.


Mural On A Boat

She chose this port and the side of an abandoned boat as her canvas for a reason. It is because a lot of workers come there to have their lunch in the shade. So, she wanted to give back to her community in a place where her art would bring happiness and positivity to the by-passers. Boats and the harbor is an important element at Kyushu because a lot of people there relied on the income they get from the sea.


Mural On A Boat

Let us know what you feel about her awesome mural in the comments section below.

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