Performing a dance routine is not easy, normally it takes a lot of practice to do it perfectly. But the Nicholas brothers had done a perfect dance routine which was not at all rehearsed in the Stormy Weather movie in 1943 and it was taken in one take. The brothers Fayard and Harold Nicholas had done these tap-dancing steps in the clip, which amazed the audience.

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In their time they were known as the best tap dancers. And also they had excelled in many techniques including the flash dance. Fayard was born in1914 and had died in 2006. And Harold was born in 1921 and died in 2000. Both of them has had a tough life, at first they had worked in a radio program, and later they had worked in theaters. Their parents, Father Dominick Nicholas, and mother, Viola Harden were musicians. Mom was into piano and das was a drummer.

They had done the steps with perfect synchronization and had even done a catapult over each other’s heads. Fred Astaire, an American singer, dancer, actor, television presenter, and choreographer, praised them saying it was the greatest dancing he had ever seen on film.


Though they even received praise their time in Hollywood had not been nice. As for the racial discrimination at that time their careers had been stopped. Irving Cummings, the director of Stormy Weather had even wanted to remove the dance scene from the film, but we are lucky as the footages are still there for us to see even after 75 years.


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