The athletes who compete in the Olympics are the people who have chosen sports as their career. And the biggest dream they could have is participating in the Olympics and winning. Of course, to achieve the goal they need a lot of mental and physical strength and one more important thing is financial strength. It is quite heartbreaking that your own government does not help you financially to take part in the Olympics. 

And for the 22-year-old British female BMX racer, Bethany Shriever that’s what exactly happened but it had not stopped her from winning a gold medal.  The government of the UK had not funded her as they had stopped funding female BMX racers and instead had funded the male team. But finally overcoming her challenges she won a gold medal.

#1 The government had not financially supported her therefore she had gone to the Olympics with her Funds

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When it comes to the expenses it’s quite expensive to take part in the Olympics, and without the government helping it’s hard for them to find the amount needed. The UK had stopped funding the female BMX racers for 2020 after none being selected for the 2016 Olympics. And had decided to only fund their male team.


Image credits: bethanyshriever

#3 Bethany collected the amount she needed for Tokyo Olympics by creating a crowdfunding page

Image credits: PA

After doing the calculations and analyzing the amount she would need to take part in the Olympics, in 2019 Bethany had created a Crowdfunding page. Also, her parents had helped her as they can and she had even worked in a nursery as an assistant teacher to find the $70,000 amount she needed. 

That’s not the only problem she had faced. One of her wrists had broken three times and also she has dad to recover from a tibia and fibula fracture. And for that, it was needed to insert metal plates into her leg. And after overcoming all those complications she’s now an Olympic gold medalist.


Image credits: AP

#5 She proved that one can overcome all the difficulties by winning a gold medal

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Bethany had defeated Mariana Pajon from Colombia, a two-time Olympic gold medalist. She’s also Bethany’s idol. And now Bethany herself is an inspiring person to many around the world. She and Kye Whyte, her teammate are the first BMX medal winners in the UK. Kye who’s a silver medalist had said to BBC that he’s happier for Bethany than he’s for himself. And had said that the girl puts in some serious graft.


Image credits: Reuters

#7 For Bethany it’s a big win

Image credits: PA

She had told to Sky News that it’s still surreal and that she had no chance to think about or a chance for herself after the race and that she’s over the moon. The strong-willed girl Bethany had won by 0.09s. And of course, she can and has to be very proud as she got there all by her efforts.

#8 Here’s how people had reacted to this story

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