In life, you must have come across many people. But among them, you must experience some people, with dislike towards us which we immediately recognize. It is seen in their behavior and their body language. It might be someone you knew or someone totally new, but you will feel that person does not like you as soon as you meet them. This happens a lot with empaths since they read people’s behavior much sharper than regular people.

If you are wondering why does that happen and how could someone hate or dislike another person right on arrival, scroll down. Because we will discuss few things that are the most common reasons for this.

Few common reasons why empaths are being hated.

  1. They become a mirror.
  2. Fast vibrations.
  3. Misread stillness.


Being a Mirror

Becoming A Mirror.

People with wrong and bad intentions always hide their true form in society. They always pretend to be good and use that cover to do their work. But when they meet an Empath, they will feel that their true Nature will reveal.

Empaths are good at reading other people’s actions and most likely to bring out everyone’s true form. So, once someone with ill intention meets an Empath, they will hate the reason that he/she will reveal their true form. They hate the person who is likely to do so but hate themselves more. This is why they do not like to see a person who mirrors someone back.


High Vibrations

Faster/ Higher Vibrations.

Every one of us has our own vibration. It is a spiritually guided vibration. Empaths have higher levels of vibration than regular people. This happens because of their true nature of goodwill, positivity, and honesty.

People with lower vibrations will feel the difference and will be hating immediately. This happens often in society, when a person becomes successful and happy, more and more people hate on him/her.



The Misinterpretation Of Stillness.

Empaths have an amazing ability to suppress their thoughts and emotions. So, the people who are more insecure of their inferior selves might see an Empath being unbothered as an offense. Empaths have the ability to control their emotions and create positivity no matter what the situation is.

This is read by the people with a negative mindset as being emotionally unavailable or offensive. Either way, it acts as a mirror when negativity doesn’t affect Empaths, it just bounces off them.

These are some of the reasons why Empaths are being hated on, without any reason. Comment down your thoughts about this below.

h/t: Auxx

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2 years ago

I’ve experienced this practically my whole life. When I was 9 my 5th grade teacher told the entire class that she hated me. I’ve never understood why until now and such experiences have been peppering my life for a while.