This tale begins with a two week old baby fox being rescued by a couple of teenagers. They couldn’t find a home for this cute little foxie and it eventually ended up in being under the care of Pauline Ashanolla, who is driven by taking care of animals. She took on the cub to raise it under her care. 

The cub was rescued back in April 

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Pauline loved looking after this little cub so much that she kept her job being a dog groomer on hold to be around the fox cub. This cub grew up to become a very good looking fox and earned its name; ‘Marley’. 

Growing up, Marley had a friend at Pauline’s house. It was four year old Ernie, a Bulldog. They built up a wonderful friendship living under Pauline’s roof. 

Pauline enjoyed taking care of this sweet little cub 

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Pauline explains that Marley was just too weak to move when it was rescued and it was covered in ticks.Worms were developing on its flesh and Marley wouldn’t have made it if it was rescued a bit later.

Pauline took intense care in taking care of the ticks and the worms and feeding Marley throughout the day until it recovered to a decent state. 

Growing up together, Marley and Ernie became good friends 

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Marley was scared of Ernie when it was first brought in. But with the course of time, it got used to Ernie and they became familiar to one another. They started to play after a few weeks and have been best of friends ever since. 

This resembles the classic Disney friendship of “The Fox and The Hound” 

Image credits: Disney

These two friends are always together now. They do everything together starting from the time they wake up, until they  sleep. Usually, big old dogs are used in hunting foxes, but Ernie is just a big sweet blob of love and they made a strong bond so that they enjoy each other’s company while putting their differences aside. 

The playful duo 

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

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