This is the story of a South Sudanese fashion icon; Nyakim Gatwech. She has been a fierce public image in promoting skin positivity.

Currently residing in Minnesota, Nyakim continues to eliminate barriers of conventional beauty standards. She shares the conversations she had with people regarding the color of her skin. In 2016, this 24 year old model was told to ‘bleach’ her skin by an Uber driver which caused her to laugh-out-loud.

Nyakim proceeds to spread skin positivity while being a voice for ‘Black Rights’ as well. With her genuine and bold characteristics, she has earned herself the title of “Queen Of The Dark”. Her message to the world is that no one should govern ‘one’ beauty standard and to love yourself no matter what you look like.

Photo Courtesy & More info:  Twitter, Instagram

The 24 year old “Queen of the Dark”.

This ‘Dark’ beauty of Nyakim was not welcomed in society before she found her success.

She became a worldwide fashion icon for accepting her complexion.

Breaking social norms of beauty standards, she has become a true inspiration to all women.

She represents elegance with a warrior heart within.

Nyakim also speaks up for the rights of the black community.

She intends to spread nothing but love and hope in this world.

She is dedicated to showing the beauty and the diversity of dark skin.

This fashion icon has a massive follower base on Instagram over 100k.

She still continues to battle with Social Norms herself.

This South-Sudanese model uses her success to channel her message to the world.

She enjoys being different, magical, and mystique. So should you!

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