The latest thing that has come to talk is about plagiarism, there had been several incidents on the news recently. The content Adas Vasiliauskas, a photographer that is said to be copied was featured on the Bored Panda as ‘Quarantine portraits using a drone‘ earlier.

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#1. It’s obvious that the project was copied as it’s an amazing project.

Image credit: Adas Vasiliauskas

For his amazing work in the project, he had received a lot of fame too. And also is called the father of the idea. Last year one Bulgarian person had tagged him on a post comment in one of the photographers where he had been asked if they could tag him as a part of the pictures. And after Adas had seen familiar pictures of people on balconies enjoying their time, the pictures were taken from a drone.

#2. For an ad campaign, Adas’s portraits had been copied.

Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria

They had not been exactly his work but they have had a similar look to his work. After some investigation, Adas had found out that Aleksandar Kostov a photographer had been given these photos as a reference for the work he had to do. He had got a commercial request from the Smarts, a Bulgarian ad agency that works on an ad campaign for IKEA Bulgaria.

In an interview with the Bored Panda Adas had said that he didn’t talk much with Aleksandar. He had just asked and verified the fact whether he received them as a reference for his work.

Adas had said that he doesn’t blame that guy because as a commercial photographer himself he knows how things are done. And that Aleksandar just had done his work and nothing wrong.

#3. Adas had been tagged on someone else’s photo’s which look similar to a project he had done.

Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas

#4. It was found after some investigation, that it was an ad agency that had asked him to do the work similarly.

Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas

#5. The Photos are not exactly Adas’s photos, the concept looks similar to his ones.

Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria

Kostov had given Adas a link to a page of IKAE where the pictures were. Some of them have had been quite similar to his work done a year before. And it had been followed by a legal complaint letter of about 4 pages to the Bulgarian IKAE regarding the issue. Adas had shared about the legal notice on his Facebook in Lithuanian.

In the Bored Panda interview, he had said that the complaint had demanded payment for the use of the idea. He had not been much interested in anything other than that as he had been talking with a few more global agencies regarding it. And he had even joked saying that he had enough glory at that time.

#6. Adas had been responded with a legal notice denying his demands after a long waiting.

Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria


Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria

After his team had got in touch with the IKAE mothership he had been issued a statement. A letter of about 5-6 pages where what they have said had been denied was sent and had used some legal speech with disregard to their statements. And had said that the idea wasn’t theirs and everyone had balconies and drones.

As whatever it is it’s another county with its own rules and regulations Adas decides not to take any more action. And also gathering evidence is also not an easy task. He had just paid for legal procedures and had taken it as a lesson to learn from and had shared about it on the internet.

#8. He had said that it would be nice if they had asked also that taking action without evidence and patents is tricky.

Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria


Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria

He had said that as for him plagiarism is a big problem. And it’s that his photos are being used without permission, not the ideas. And had said some even get shocked that photographers dare to make a big deal out of it. Maybe it’s same with ideas.

He had said that if they had asked he would have permitted to use the idea even though the client had no budget for that. That he would get more than 10 requests for a day. And that different rules apply for commercial use than for editorial or news sites.


Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria


Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria

As there’s no legal security for the idea he had accepted that the situation was slippery. But it’s easy to know that it was Adas’ idea. According to him in the pandemic time, the project trends around the world, and that the resemblance is too uncanny to claim anything other than his photos, using as a reference.

He had even been awarded many awards for his project, which even included Drone Photo Award. And he had portrayed his project at the Yixian Photofestival. And also he had been covered by many news sites like Insiderthe New York Post, and PetaPixel, and many more.


Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria


Image credits: Adas Vasiliauskas / IKEA Bulgaria
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