There are people who are interested in doing new creations and presenting them to the world. If you are interested in seeing new inventions and how they are done the best is The Q, YouTube Channel. The channel is all about science and more and here you’ll mind a number of amazing videos of very creative projects. some of their very creative projects are a giant LEGO man costume, a costume made of cardboard and one other project is how to make your own paper skateboard.

Recently they have transformed a conventional bicycle into a hubless bike without any spokes in it. They have done several projects of transforming bicycles like wheels are made out of shoes, but this project is the coolest. The video they have posted had received over 3M views within the first week of posting.

More info & Photo courtesy: The QFacebook | YouTube


image credits: Mymodernmet

If you are interested in making your own bike and are sure about your skills  The Q had said that what you need is only a fat bike, bearings, some metals, and of course time. Go down and have a look at the full video and also make sure to Check The Q channel on YouTube for much more interesting stuff. And for ones who are interested in having such a bike but unable to create their own go and have a look at this high-tech hubless e-bike

 #2 A conventional bicycle transformed into a hubless bike by The Q

image credits: Mymodernmet


image credits: Mymodernmet

#4 Have a look at the full video here

#5 Check the Reevo hubless e-bike if you are interested in getting your own one

Image via Reevo

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