Though the world has changed when compared to the former old days there are a few adjustments to be done in society. There’s a lot of discrimination done among people. Not everyone is alike, the way people dress, talk, and thinking patterns are not similar from one person to another.  The division among people is something that’s needed to be solved. The ‘Portal’ which is built in the 2 European countries Lithuania and Poland has come to talk on the internet. This had been build in order to lessen the distance amongst people.

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#1. A portal is built between Vilnius and Lublin where people from both cities can see each other.

Image credits: Vilnius Tech Linkmenų fabrikas

It resembles a time wheel, its look is round in shape. It’s situated in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius near the Vilnius train station and in Lublin, Poland it’s in the Plac Litewski. These cities also have a connection which is historic, In that city, the Union of Lublin was signed by which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth a single state was created. At that time it was one of the largest countries in Europe.

The Bored Pand has spoken with the team of the Portal and had asked whether it was planned. But it had not been so, they had been looking for partnership if many countries and it had been Lublin by coincidence. And it’s special that the massage of being united is been spread by these two cities.


Image credits: Vilnius Tech Linkmenų fabrikas

#3. The Portal with a circular screen lets us see the people in the other city.

Image credits: Vilnius Tech Linkmenų fabrikas

The view which we get through the portal is similar to what astronauts see from space when they look at the world. The effect is known as the ‘overview effect’. Cameras and screens that are broadcasted to the cities are present in both the portals.

As it’s hard technically to provide sound every time in the portals they are silent. But it will be done in special events as it’s possible to produce sound. It is seen that people interact through the portals, they have been waving, sending kisses, and things. The creators of the portal think that people will come with a way to communicate with each other.


Image credits: Vilnius Tech Linkmenų fabrikas

Bored panda was told by the team that it seems with measures like the ‘Portal’ it would be possible to get rid of these divisions among peoples that most of them don’t need to be encouraged and may be due to the lack of interaction as for the pandemic they approach the portal to get friendly.

#5.The motive of the Portal is to give out the message that people need not be divided but need to get united.

Image credits: Vilnius Tech Linkmenų fabrikas

On their official website, they had stated about how people get limited to only be with people same as them. And how it could awaken the insecurities and things. They’ve said that the separation must be united.

It is said by Benediktas Gylys that most of the challenges that the world face are due to a lack of understanding of others in the world.  And that the Portal invites people to get united.


Image credits: Vilnius Tech Linkmenų fabrikas

#7. On Reddit, it was shared about the portal and it had received 140k likes in a short period of time.

Image credits: Vilnius Tech Linkmenų fabrikas

As it seems the people had like the idea of the portal. Many had even joked around about Stargate, Saying that if you go through it you’ll land in Poland. And people also had shared that same like that was build in their areas but it had not lasted long as people had started to badmouthing the portal.


Image credits: Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

They had face challenges when creating this, like drafting a minimal design in which the complex electronics could fit in and something that prevents vandalism and negative impact on the environment. The portals which are 11 tons in weight and 3 m long are built using stainless steel, tempered glass, and concrete.

It had been a success as the people at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Creativity and Innovation Center ‘LinkMenu fabrikas’ had believed and realized the idea. 

#9. It had taken about 5 years to complete the Portals.

Image credits: Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

The Portal had been completed at the time of the pandemic. And the creators have thought that it would be a suitable time to make it public as traveling was restricted as for the situation. It had taken 5 years to bring the Portal to reality.


Image credits: Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

#11. More Portals are planned to be open in various cities around the world to connect more people together.

Image credits: UM Lublin

This is the first portal and surely it won’t be the last as the creators have decided to open more of them in different cities. In Reykjavik and London, UK two new ones are already scheduled to be opened. It is said that Reykjavik was chosen as it has a good history with Lithuania. And London is also important as they are buildings friendship with another international initiative.

The portal between Vilnius and Lublin will last till august and then it will move to other cities. The creators say that it will be possible in the future that the portals move to cities every 10 mins. Though the cities get a small-time the project would last until the world ends or until the division among people is solved.


Image credits: LithuaniaMFA

#13. Many about 2k people had reacted to the Portal on Reddit.

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