Ever wondered that there would be more than one way to eat pineapples. The most common and the most used way is cutting the pineapple into edible pieces using a knife. But actually, there’s another way of eating pineapples. Have you noticed that the hexagon-type parts in the pineapples? Those are individual parts of flesh and can be removed. This trick of which only needs your bare hands had been famous on the internet in 2019 and it still surprises people on the internet.

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#1 The internet shows another way to eat pineapples

Image credits: dillonroberts22


Image credits: dillonroberts22


Image credits: dillonroberts22

When the Bored Panda had spoken with Anne Cundiff whose a nutritional expert she had said that those fruits are so appealing because of their look, the golden yellow body, and the crown. And had said that she thinks there’s an exotic feel around pineapples because they are grown in beautiful places. And that they are nature’s candy that is both sweet and tangy. Also had said that they could be used in many recipes.

#4 Dillon Robert had given a quick review on TikTok

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#5 A more detailed video was done by the Pun Guys 

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

John Noony one of the PunGuys had shared a video of how he’s been asked to do wired things to the pineapple by his friend. He was asked to remove the stem and slowly hit the pineapple on the floor. Then he was to roll it on the floor by applying pressure to it. Well, when it was time for results he was surprised as he was able to remove pineapple spikes with his bare hands.

#6 Before starting you have to remove the top as you are not eating it anyway

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

Cundiff had said that she loves this video as it works. And had said that you’ll need a very ripe fruit for it though. And that she still believes using a knife is best as it’s much easy than looking for a perfectly ripe pineapple.

#7 Then you have to hit it slowly on the floor without smashing it

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

Lewis McCluskey had shared Dillon Roberts TikTok video of how to do this and the videos had received about 13.4M and 616k views respectively. John’s video was viewed by about 32M people and had received about 300k reacted on it.

There were people who had said that they would try this too. And as\lo some had said that rolling it would have been hard for his hands. And also there were who preferred knives more as they think this needs more effort.

#8 You have to roll the pineapple by applying pressure to it

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

The pineapples are really good as they give lots of healthy energy through carbohydrates and even they have vitamin C. it’s really a very healthy fruit though it could sore your tongue at times. Annie had said that these fruits can help us to looks and feel beautiful. Also that they are rich in vitamin C and enhance skin health. And also, she had said some more healthy facts about these fruits like how they help your stomach to function. She had also said that pineapple juice or fruit can be added in marinades to give flavor or to make food tender.

#9 After that try to remove the individual pieces, they would come out

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

She had also shared how she uses the pineapple well. She had said that she cuts the shell really thin. And had said that she uses to make a broth, stock with vegetables, or use to make pineapple vinegar. And had said that though the cire is edible it’s less tasty so she blenders it and uses it. Had also said that the top crown can be used in decorations.


Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

#11 Have a look at this full video

You can know more about  Anne Cundiff from her website and as well as have a look at her videos and podcasts and make sure to read her blog and her book I’m a Registered Dietitian… Now What?

Surely share your thoughts with us. Tell us if you are gonna try this or not and if you have tried this tell us how it went. Is it good or bad

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