Love is an universal language that can speak to any heart. It has proven that love can do great things good and bad, it is all over the history and literature for us to find. People have different perspectives about love and different expectations. It is the only thing in the world with such power that can make or break anything or anyone. These are the only three times that we fall in love in our life time.

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#1. First Love.

This happens in a very young age. Everybody eventually flings with a person into an overly dramatic and fairy-tale-like relationship. These are mostly playful and light hearted types of love that we all thought that would last forever.

#2. Second Love.

This love is found when you become mature and steps into more serious things in life. Even at this stage you tend to be a bit less experienced. So, most of the time, it will end up in deceit, lies and heartbreak. This is a stage where you might feel to give up on love and people in general. But this is the make-or-break moment you get in your life to have the clarity to know what you really need in life.

#3. The One.

This is the final stage that you come to when you have been through the previous relationships. Now you are matured, experienced, hurt and also clear on what you want. In this stage the partner you find becomes your peace, rather than overly romantic/dramatic scenarios. You begin to support each other in life and share love in a higher state that would be valid for any stage in life that you are in. You tend to discuss your pros and cons openly and work as a team in love.

The above mentioned steps will not happen as if its mirrored. But some of these stages might loop around you and you WILL arrive at a point where you will know where you are in life and what you want. Love, doesn’t make things bad, it’s the people and situations we hook ourselves up with. Choose what is compatible with you, love with bloom within.

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