The most outrages viral outbreak in the recent years; the ‘Corona’ or ‘COVID-19’ virus might have met its match in prevention of the virus. ‘Perumkayan’, is a Sri Lankan Ayurvedic herbal medicine which claims to prevent the infection of the virus.



The herb is a known anti-bacterial solution offered by the Sri Lankan Ayurveda. The specialists are pressing the fact that this herb prevents a person from getting infected from the ‘Corona’ or ‘Covid’ virus. The herb is to be placed on one’s self as the medication. After it has been placed as per the Ayurvedic doctor’s directions, it is said to work its herbal effect shielding the body from anti-bacterial infections; including the ‘Corona’ virus.

Ayurvedic doctors press the facts and the international community is not still aware of these remedies that are available in hand. This can be really effective in containing the spread of the ‘Corona’ virus, which has claimed many lives of people. The remedies that are external to the western medicine culture should be considered and be tested as well in a time of such desperation.

Our prayers lie with all those who have passed away due to the virus, who are suffering the infection and all those who are risking their lives trying to fight the outbreak.


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