Since the COVID – 19 pandemic has limited us to our own countries and homes. People tend to discover remote places travelling virtually. So this another wondrous sight caught by Mr.Warman Wardhani, an Indonesian photographer, to share this among the people all around the globe.

This beautiful Orchid Forest is a huge Tourist attraction location in Lembang, Indonesia. This is a Natural Forest that spans over the entire forest and also is the home for more than 20, 000 Orchids growing in the forest.

The wooden bridge glows up when the sun sets

In the day time, it’s a beautiful suspended wooden bridge on which you can walk above the forest, spectating the Orchids from above. But the magic kicks in when it starts to get dark. The Yellow – tinted lights which lights up all along the bridge glows it up making a magical effect.

Walking along the magical bridge is a must at the Orchid Forest 

Lembang is situated to the West of Java, Indonesia. It is known for its naturistic look and the tourist attraction it creates. The bridge is the main and the best way to spectate the forest, which runs over the forest.

The bridge with its observation platforms are suspended on trees 

As much as people enjoy the bridge, there are a wide ranges of Orchids in the Orchid forest and some of them are very rare. So, this is an important place for all the nature lovers and florists as well.

The raw – feeling of the nature is present in this place even though the bridge is lit up. It only adds up a magical touch to the whole forest. Since, this is a travel destination for everyone, but since the pandemic has us limited in our homes, share and enjoy these sights with the rest of the people in the world. Let us explore the world together, virtually.

Ideas that people have after seeing the photos 

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