With more than 150 varieties the roses are very beautiful flowers that symbolize love and romance. There are many types of roses and there are thousands of hybrid roses created by horticulturalists. And one such hybrid rose that has become the talk on the internet lately is the Osiria Rose which had red and white petals. These roses from Germany had been created by Reimer Kordes, a bredder in 1978. 


Photo: Malcolm Manners (CC BY 2.0)

After some pictures of the flowers stormed around the internet people had been looking for them. And due to some photoshopped pictures, many had been disappointed. The actual flowers have a bright red and the white in them is not really clean. And out in the market, you might find sellers that sell seeds of these plants but as for the reviews, many had been complaining that nothing sprouted. If you are interested in growing them give them a chance and see. And you might need to take good care of the health of these plants. And if you are not ready for the Osiria rose but are interested in red white roses, Nostalgie and Gemini roses are good and easy to grow. Scroll down to see a few more Osiria Roses.


What is thought to be a highly-edited photo of the Osiria rose. (Photo:  @Chogieswagz)


A tiger-striped version of the Osiria rose. (Photo:  @Chogieswagz)


Photo: Stock Photos  from Rajesh Shakya/Shutterstock


Photo:  HGTV


Photo:  Stock Photos  from stocktr/Shutterstock

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