Even though mice are hated upon by people, ‘pet’ rats are adored all around the world. They don’t trouble you with all the general troubles that wild mice give.

The best part is you can get ‘pet’ mice in various colors: white, black, brown, silver, red, blue, gold, cinnamon and many more.


Devami Burda

This luscious looking mouse is a golden-white footed mouse. They are a bit larger compared to fulvous harvest mouse.


Devami Burda

This is an arboreal mouse. They are found in forest areas among the vines, brush and trees. They live in nests when they live in their natural habitats. The nests can range from a very small nest; where a single mouse lives, to a big nest; which may accommodate around 8 mice together. They choose their nesting grounds to avoid predators as much as possible, so it is always higher than the ground level. Hollows, branches, thick brushes or even twisted vines occasionally.


Devami Burda

Around the early 1980s, the ‘Big Thicket’ National Preserve exposed many golden coated mice in its fieldwork. They specimens obtained by these events are studied in universities in order to figure out its history and their ecology.

Devami Burda

Since the population of these golden coated mice are not still clearly declared. These species aren’t still on any of the lists that are to be conserved. But they are a species who should not be withered away to be extinct. Although these mice are a bit foreign to the general public, mouse breeders have known about them for a long time now.

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