This exotic plant was found in the heart of the tropics in the Philippines. It earns its name by its rather unique color, but deforestation has already wiped out a large number of plants of this species by the time it was discovered. Therefore, this variety is not widely available in the world. The ‘Jade Vine’ is an endangered species of plant.

The exotic, Jade Vine. 

Photo credit: Wikipedia.

This is a sighting in the tropical island of Sri Lanka. This type of plant has never been seen in this country and this is a positive indication of the spread of this endangered plant. Shehani Wathsala, posted pictures online about this wonderful flower from the Central lands of the country in Kiriwaneliya.

The ‘claw’ shaped flowers.

Photo credit: Shehani Wathsala

Scientifically named as; ‘Strongylodon macrobotrys’, these flowers are shaped as a ‘claw’ and formed into bunches that might grow up to lengths around 90cm. The color of the flower is an example of the process which is known as co-pigmentation, where different compounds result in multiple pigmentations that will present together to make the bluish green tone in the flower.

This pigmentation is natural!

Photo credit: Shehani Wathsala

The photos that Shehani posted has created a conversation among the local community and such conversations are informative in making people know the existence of such flora.

The peculiar shape, color and availability made this flower such an exotic specimen.

Photo credit: Shehani Wathsala

Photo credit: Shehani Wathsala


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