This is a sad story where a pet dog was left by its owners, tied up to the fence and left for 5 days on its own.

Despite the animal rights and regulations imposed in a developed world, there are always injustices in the world. This dog; Carter (Jon Snow), was found tied to the fence while its owners moved into a different state leaving the poor pet behind. 

Carter when he was rescued from his own house 

Image credits: Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

This adorable husky was owned by a young couple Aaleyah and Curtis, who left him behind are now facing charges against them.

Carter was brought into the ‘Popcorn park animal refuge’ on the 4th of December with a wound on its neck caused by the collar on which it was tied up. The dispatch that was investigating a possible pet in distress learned that the young couple promised the neighbors to return to collect their pet, but never returned. 

The husky spent days chained and waiting to be picked up by its family which never returned for it 

Image credits: Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

After discovering Carter, the dispatch informed the local police authorities in Roselle. During the investigation, the police found out that the young couple has skipped states into Georgia leaving their pet behind. 

Carter was rescued just in time before it’s too late 

Image credits: Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

The husky was taken to the New Jersey Newark Branch of Associated Humane Societies to be treated for its wounds. It was then moved to a shelter to the south of Jersey, where he fully recovered into a beautiful husky. 

The husky transformed into a wonderful pet while recovering his health state 

Image credits: Popcorn Park Animal Refuge

The act of leaving Carter behind is tried as a Criminal charge and although the specifics are not known clearly, the couple is alleged with third degree crimes which can offer them; 5 years in prison each. Carter is now in the care of the authorities and will not be up for adoption until the case gets settled. 

The happy and healthy Carter. Everybody in the world deserves to live! 

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