As humans, we all tend to get emotions and feelings of Love or Lust all the time. People might misread these feelings and end up making bad decisions. It is really important to identify what are the feelings that we get and their true forms. Identifying these things will help us see the truth and to act in a proper way to make our lives better.

The Buddhist philosophy explains that if the emotions relate with physical desire, envy, hate and fraud, it is not a healthy emotion for you from its first step. But as humans we tend to have these feelings as we go on with our lives. Scroll down for a simple explanation how Buddhists identify these emotions.

More info & Photo courtesy: RealizeMinds | Pixabay

Love should be something selfless and it should be something that develops you, personally, spiritually and also socially. Just because you get yourself into a relationship, it does not mean that you are in love. Form, sound, scent, taste, touch and external dharmas (opinions of others), if these external factors matters to you and if they govern your relationship, then you are not developing emotions of Love.

Lust will always cause you stress and elements that will cause you go through. It will drain you emotionally, spiritually, financially and almost all the other ways in life. If you don’t feel relaxed with what you are going with the emotions then they are not healthy options most of the time.

Please leave your ideas about this article and on how you understand Love and Lust.

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