A wedding is something beautiful in our lives and there are things that happen at weddings we tend to remember for the rest of our life. On the AITA subreddit, there are a lot of such family drama stories. There are times that we get in trouble by trying to show ourselves at best. There had been a post by a woman who was invited to a wedding of her cousin whom she hasn’t met before. And as they haven’t met before she had wanted to make an impression but ended up getting accused of upstaging the bride.

As the invite had said cocktail attire she had worn tea-length dresses and a coffin shawl and even had put on some jewelry which was of pearls and had gone. After the reception had started she had received compliments from people but some had said that she was upstaging the bride. Then she had realized that she might have overdressed as people said that she was upstaging the bride. And after the function had ended and she was on her way back she had received many calls saying that it was horrible for her to dress like that and make the bride feel ugly at her own wedding.

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More info: Reddit

#1 This woman had been accused of making the bride look ugly at her own wedding.

Image credits: Ana Marcelina (not the actual photo)


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