Just like in the human world we can see lovely bonds between animal brothers. And here’s such a story of 3 gorilla brothers. There are many types of gorillas and these Silverback Gorillas are very strong and only 1 male animal leader of the group where there are many females and babies. And if there are any male gorillas with no band of females they travel alone and form small groups together. Anyways having them having more than 1 male in these groups is very uncommon. But in Rwanda, there is a group where there are three male silverback gorillas and they show a great bond among them. Musilikale is the one who leads the family and the other two Icumbi and Turakomeje help him in protecting the family by staying by his side. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund studies and protects these gorillas. 

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Silverback gorillas
The dominant silverback Musilikale with his two brothers Icumbi and Turakomeje, who help him keep his group of 22 gorillas safe. (Photo: Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund)

Dian Fossey had established this fund in 1967 and they protect gorillas that are in Rwanda and also the Grauer’s gorillas that are in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They keep track of these animals with the use of trackers and researchers as both these species are endangered. The mountain gorillas are familiar with the people but when observing Grauer’s gorilla keeping distance is good. And these researchers had been able to get some amazing pictures of them. There are 22 female gorillas in the family of these three brothers and both Icumbi and Turakomeje help to safeguard them while they are in search of food. It is said that these male gorillas can be good daddies when needed.


But the saddening fact is that these animals are not safe. There are only about 1,000 mountain gorillas left and the number of Grauer’s or eastern lowland gorillas is not known. Due to the loss of habitats and the hunters, these animals are in danger. For anyone who would love to protect these animals, you can help the fund. And in order to expand their work, they are building a new Ellen DeGeneres campus. And also if you are interested you can adopt a gorilla and help them.


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