There are many types of animals native to many countries, but have you ever seen a bee, a blue-banded bee? A picture shot by Nick Volpe, a wildlife photographer had been all-around social media lately.

More info & Photo courtesy: beopeo


These types of bees which are scientifically known as Amegilla cingulate are blue-banded bees that are native to Australia. As the people in the country had found out that the bees can be found around the country they are quite amazed. The bees are named blue-banded bees due to the blue-colored strips present in them.

These bees can be found all around except Tasmania, but many of the Australians are shocked to hear that they even exist. These creatures are attracted to native plants and also tomato flowers. And they not considered aggressive though they have stingers.


They do not produce honey and also they live solitarily. They are known for buzz pollination, a special type of pollination where they are able to get pollen out of sticky flowers. In order to do it, they grab the flowers and shake slightly with the help of their fight muscles and it causes the pollens to shoot out.

They live up to 40 days and grow around 11mm. The male and the female bees have five color bands and four color bands respectively.


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