There are different types of people in the world and there are different personalities in them. But did you know that according to Carl Jung, there are 12 types of Archetypes in the world? Even though we are different from one another, every one of us falls into a specific Archetype that we live under.

There are instances where you can associate some likeness of another Archetype as well, but they’re always is a specific Archetype leading us even if we have qualities of multiple types. For those who cannot understand the technical term, it simply is the way how people are categorized according to their drive, deep within them. You can always do all sorts of things what our deep-rooted qualities will always take the wheel. Scroll down to check out the basic 12 Archetypes that are embedded within every person in this world.

#1. Ruler.

Image Credits: Pixabay

You will be structured to lead and be in control. No matter what you do, you will feel that you should lead and it happens quite successfully as well.

#2. Sage.

You are always available to help others. You might not be the most successful or the perfect person. But you will always be there and you will pour your heart out for someone else without hesitation.

#3. Creator.

This kind of people put their minds into use. They often tend to get very imaginative and innovative in a very artistic way.

#4. Innocent.

You are always fair and you try to be nice to everyone. Even if you don’t succeed all the time, you will always be optimistic and win hearts for being you.

#5. Explorer.

You will often feel uneasy sticking to one thing for a long time. You tend to chase something new and something that hasn’t been tried. Even if there is uncertainty, you will be hyped to try something new.

#6. Hero.

This type of person will be a helpful person who will always take the lead in almost everything. Strong-willed qualities will make you accept any challenge in life.

#7. Rebel.

Their minds will always question the authority and will always tend to stand out from the crowd. They somehow feel uneasy following the crowds and doing what they are told most of the time.

#8. Magician.

This person will always make things fun by being there. They know how to cheer someone up and know what to say all the time. They are just positive person who sprinkles the magic of positivity around.

#9. Joker.

You can turn anything into humor. You will always be known for being in your cool no matter the situation. Sometimes, it might even go off the top, but it is your vibe and you are always in the mood for a joke.

#10. Every Person Guy/Girl.

You will manage to fit in with almost everyone. It can be the nicest person to the roughest person. You will manage to make friends with them and hang out anywhere comfortably.

#11. Lover.

You are always romantic. Being overly sensitive with things. You will not easily make friends or bring your walls down. But the ones close to you will receive your fullest attention and love.

#12. Caretaker.

Image Credits: Pixabay

You will always want to make sure if everyone is doing fine. You will always stand in for any person and this might end up in you getting taken advantage of by others.

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