Sometimes wild animals get stuck in places crowded by humans. So you can imagine how scared those animals are. Since animals are not in close proximity, they are somewhat disturbed.

Due to the highways, we can travel easily and quickly in our daytoday transport. This will make us travel easier, but also endanger wildlife. That is because they are getting lost on the highway. Lives of animals that move through them take more risks. Because if it is a slow moving animal it will be difficult for him to switch between vehicles on the road. Even if the driver does not deliberate, the speed at which they are coming is so fast that they cannot control it at the sight of an animal.

Sloths are considered as one of the slowest animals on the globe. Usually, they spend their lives hanging from a tree in rainforests. 

One day a Sloth was stuck in the middle of a highway at Quevedo, Central Ecuador. It was speechless and had nothing to do. But it was lucky because some drivers found it on their way.

Several drivers have reported this to the police, and immediately several officers have reached the spot. 

When the policeman approached him, the adorable creature became acquainted with him, knowing that the officer was coming to rescue him. This has been a most adorable rescue in his career. 

Immediately after the rescue the Sloth was sent to a vet for check-up. And finally released to the wild after the check-up. 

As it is reported the vet has said that the adorable animal was in good condition to be returned to the wild. 


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