Are you a person who talks to yourself? If you are, you might have experienced people mocking or making fun of you because of it. You might even think that something is wrong with you for that to happen.

But it might not be the case. A recent study conducted by Bangor University in England has uncovered a very interesting theory. It states that people who talk out loud by themselves might have a higher level of intelligence than the regular human mind. They have conducted several tests to study this. Scroll down to read the rest of this interesting research that shows that talking out loud might be a practice of people with higher intelligence levels.

A set of test subjects were given a written set of instructions to be read. Some read it in silence while some read it out loud while reading it. Dr. Paloma Mari-Beffa, who is a psychologist at the university and also a co-author of the conducted study commented that the auditory inputs are much more persuasive than the instructions that are read. So, the people who read them out loud will drive themselves much better than the others.

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors in the world practiced this technique to achieve better focus and to increase his efficiency. You can see professional athletes, scientists, and other important people using this same technique at times of stress.

The auditory commands that one gives themselves will create more discipline of your mind, brain activity, and all the other organs in your body to achieve a better focus. Over time, it helps a person’s brain to act and handle the rest of the body. And it will achieve higher cognitive functioning.

So, if you are a person who talks or reads out loud, do not stress yourself. You are naturally reshaping your mind and brain process to work at your command!

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h/t: auxx

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