Every child in this world is entitled to have a good, healthy, and wonderful childhood. Because childhood is what molds a child as a person when they deal with life as an adult for the rest of their lives. Any sort of bad experience and negative effects in their childhood might cause a child to inhibit trauma and other sorts of embedded issues with them throughout life.

They might take a long time to recover from them or some people never do. One way or the other, those children will lose so much in life for something that they had no control over. This becomes worse when they let it affect them when they become parents. It has been a vicious cycle of this toxic childhood over and over again. So the current generation of parents and the younger generations who will be parents, this is important for you as well as everyone else. We collected you a list of lies that childhood trauma leaves you with. Do not let them affect you or do not let yourself inflict them on others as well. Scroll down to check them out.

#1. Never Good Enough.

This is a very common thing said to children all the time. It is a very bad thing to tell your child and let it settle down in their minds. Acceptance and love are necessary for a child.

#2. Being Worthless.

A lot of abusive people say this to children in order to manipulate them. This destroys their dreams and hopes by thinking that do not mean anything.

#3. Do Not Try If You Cannot Succeed.

Life is all about trial and error until you figure it out. A child has to fail in order to learn and succeed. Loving and supporting the child is the duty of the adults. The child will never try to do it or even wander into new things once it gets into their head.

#4. Emotions Don’t Count.

Being emotionless towards children is a very bad decision. Children learn quickly from their parents and these sorts of practices will not do any good to your child. It will tell them that emotions don’t matter, not theirs or anyone else’s.

#5. Conditional Love And Worth.

Loving or showing that the child is only worthy when they do something is a very bad parenting choice. A child should be loved all the time to grow. Love is gifted not earned by proving your worth.

#6. Not Being Loved.

This is what most abusers do. They make the children feel that they deserve no love and all they have to do is fall in line. This will literally ruin lives.

#7. Unsure Of Your Acceptance.

A child and parent should know how to communicate with each other. The constant fear of not being sure if they are accepted by their parents if they are in some way is a very wrong thing. Your child will not explore avenues in life they would want to choose. Eventually, they wouldn’t know anything to do by themselves.

#8. Others Are Better Than You.

This will create children who will hate others and will not socialize and make real friends. They will everyone else as their competition or as a threat.

If you recognize any of these qualities in you or your child. The answer is love. Express your emotions, let a child grow and flourish as they discover life! Let’s break this cycle of hatred and spread love with one another!

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