In the era of remote working, remote diving is the new remote activity. The world has adapted to many new lifestyles. 

This is a new concept implemented by the ‘Ocean Agency’, incorporated with the United Nations Environment Programme is now delivering for everyone to experience the depths of the Ocean and every amazing element in it, right at home.

Anyone can now access this experience from their phones or their computers. Discovering the Ocean- life, Corals and the ecosystem with many educational options added to it too. This helps the people to witness the Marine ecosystem with the human damage that has been happening all the time which is not visible since people don’t tend to witness it first hand in everyday life.

Coral reefs which are hotspots of marine life are taking changes in recent times. New adaptations, glowing reefs, and more that are new to us are presented and explained so that anyone with interest can comprehend the facts easily and in a more realistic-visual mode.

Google Earth is available in App Store and Play Store. Google Voyager presents this experience bound with Google Earth. Dive in from home to visit marine – life, corals, shipwrecks and more. 

The Ocean Agency is willing to help anyone with this journey:

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