Birds are an interesting type of animal and are very adorable. In the wild, there are birds that sing, and Kathrin Swoboda had been able to capture a couple of stunning photos of a bird while singing.

She is a bird photographer and something very interesting appeared in a set of photos that she captured of a bird. In these photos, You can see vortex rings. They are made by the warm breath of this bird and they appear to be very visible. Kathrin had photographed a male red-wing blackbird at Virginia Island’s Huntley Meadows Park. She had said to My Modern Met, that she wanted to take photos of their breath, which when exhaled would condense in the cold air.

More info & Photo courtesy: Kathrin Swoboda | Facebook | Instagram | Flickr


Red-winged black bird
image credits: Kathrin Swoboda

Surprisingly, the bird had sung a song forming beautiful vortex rings! And Kathrin had captured photos of those beautifully formed smoke rings in the chilled morning. In the early morning with the sunlight and the amazing surrounding, she had been able to capture a good set of amazing photos. Also for one, Kathrin had won the 2019’s Audubon Photography competition. For now, this work of hers is quite famous but there are other beautiful photos she had captured. And for anyone interested they can have a visit to her website to have a look, you might find other interesting work as well.


Red-winged black bird
image credits: Kathrin Swoboda

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