Fisherman Roman Fedortsov from Murmansk, Russia had been sharing pictures of sea animals that have been caught in the nets. These creatures get in the nets from the deep-sea, deep down 300-1,000m. He had been working for 18 years.

More info & Photo courtesy: Roman Fedortsov | Twitter.


Roman, who had joined a university focused on marine after his college and he’s specialized in processing fish. He had said tho PetaPixel that they have 6 work hours and 6 rest hours and that hours are called a watch. And that he works at the watch in the fish factory. And in that time he’s in charge of processing the fish and controlling other seamen at work.


They, also come in the nets. Roman says that some creatures have life when they come on board and they let them go but most do not live. The fish look weird when they are underwater and they look even more creepy when they are on deck. These creatures look more like aliens from movies.


Rabbit fish

Roman, who now captures these amazing pictures from iPhone 11 Pro Max had decided 5 years before to share the pictures captured by him. He had said that he had created the social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram as a lot did not know how these creatures look like. He has around 620K followers on Insta and about 140K on Twitter. And he has quite a good audience who loves his work.












He said that he has always fascinated by these creatures and had not been scared of them.

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