If you own a pet you might know how hard it is to weigh them at the vet. They find it so hard to sit still until they find a distraction. And when this comes to animals like Koalas it’s the same. Therefore a new tricky way to weigh the baby Koalas was found by the caretakers of the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park that is in Duncan, South Australia.

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image credit: mymodernmet

You can see in the picture that it’s not the normal way they have used the weighing scale. Other than letting the baby be on the scale freely they have let it hang on to a branch that is attached to the scale. As it’s the way these animals be on trees, the baby finds it very easy to be on. And through this way, it’s easy for the staff to take the necessary readings accurately as the baby Koala doesn’t move. The wildlife park had explained that especially the baby Koalas need to be weighed regularly as it’s important for them to know if the weight of the animals is increasing and are healthy. Scroll down to see more of these cute Koalas.

#2 The way they use to find the weight of the baby Koala without it moving here and there

#3 The branch they’ve used is similar to the branches of trees they stay in




#7 Have a look at this video too

h/t: [Neatorama]

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