Be it, humans or animals babies do super cute things. With about 220 different species owls are fascinating fellows. And the little owlets are just so amazing when they sleep. Many haven’t known about it until a post on Twitter had gone viral. Unbelievably these cute fellows had got a lot of attention on the internet. It was Mark Rees, a journalist who has shred a post on Twitter revealing how the owlets sleep.

As they have a big head when they are young it’s hard for them to keep their balance and sleep. So they sleep on their belly. At times the legs of the owlets too can be seen due to their sleeping position. Normally their legs are not visible. To make sure that they don’t fall they stretch out their legs and sleep on their belly. Have a look at the cute sleeping Owlets.

More info & Photo courtesy: flickr | wibd




Image Source: Flickr


Image source: Flickr


Image source: Flickr


Image source: Flickr


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