Photographers give us the chance to have a glimpse of the beauty of the world. Many photographers travel around the world to snap spectacular pics. And some get lucky enough to capture very rare things that are not much seen.

Even Gunarto Song, a photographer is one of those lucky guys to has got to snap rare things. Recently for a photoshoot, he had visited Mount Merapi in Indonesia, one of the loved destinations of photographers. During that time he had been able to capture a spectacular pic of a shooting star falling into the mouth of the volcano. Scroll down to take a look at the amazing images.

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Mount Merapi
image credits: Gunarto Song

Mount Merapi which translates as ‘Mountain of Fire’ had been sweeping lava and ash from the 16th century. With the current situation of the volcano, none is allowed to go near the volcano. Therefore Song had been on Batu Alien, a large rock to get a good view of the volcano. And at that time the flash of light has come down and he had been lucky to snap it. And the image was gone viral with over 30K people liking it.


Mount Merapi
image credits: Gunarto Song

It had been a meteor and in the pictures, it seems as if it falls into Mount Merapi. Song had shared that in the photos the light seems long because he had said the shutter speed for 4s. He had said that the light was round in shape and it was fast.


Mount Merapi
image credits: Gunarto Song

At the time of the incident, there had been 2 active meteor falls and therefore even the LAPAN had bellowed that what fell was a meteor. Even some CCTV cameras in the area had caught this event.


Mount Merapi
image credits: Gunarto Song

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