If you are reading about aquaculture for the first time here are the previous articles that have been published about aquaculture.

Sea weed farming has been boosting around the world with promising figures; 17.3 million metric tons, making it second largest product from the oceans that keeps growing in its demand by tons every single year. This article mainly focuses on developments in the ‘Seaweed’ industry and the importance of ‘Seaweed’.

While most of the governments and ‘big – money’ companies doesn’t acknowledge the increasing rate of the Climate change, there are people who present us a more promising AND profiting future.

Sea weed has been a promising subject incorporating alternate energy, food and also many more things. It requires no special area to be cultivated or extensive labor costs in maintenance. But it is quite profitable since it can be grown easily and also used in many different products such as; food, fuel, bio-energy, animal food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastic replacing materials and so much more.


Many new technologies have been introduced to make seaweed farming more efficient, including many ranges of farming structures, machinery in planting and yielding, different types of algae introduced and also inland algae farming for those who do not have direct access to any sea.

Apart from being profitable, this directly help in reducing the carbon toxicity of the ocean that absorbs the atmospheric carbon. While it helps in reducing atmospheric carbon, using Seaweed as alternate energy will reduce the race in mining fossil fuel as well.

Ocean Rainforest is one such company that received funding from the World Wildlife Funding (WWF) in their latest technologies in the ‘Seaweed’ industry. You can read more at their website.

Despite of the Climate disruption done by humans, there are alternate but better ways in restoring the planet and save it for the future generations. Please spread the message among your community to make the world a better place for all of us!


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