Anyone who loves giraffes would know that these animals are full of interesting facts. Them having a black color tongue is one such well-known fact. Apart from the known facts, there are many more details shed the light upon.

During one of the studies about these lovely long-necked creatures, the researchers have come across something that’s rare. A research-team had come across two dwarf-giraffes in the wild and by the looks of it, it seems that this team is the first to discover such a pair so far. So scroll down to know more about these lovely dwarf-giraffes.

More info & Photo courtesy: Giraffe Conservation


Dwarf Giraffe
Image credits: Emma Wells / GCF


Dwarf Giraffe
Image credits: Emma Wells / GCF

As you can see dwarfism can hit giraffes too and these two are the first-ever to be discovered. So after the discovery of them the Giraffe Conservation Foundation had revealed some information about them by publishing a paper. And as per the source, one of the two giraffes was discovered at a National Park, in Uganda and the other was found at a privately owned farm situated in Namibia.


Dwarf Giraffe
Image credits: Michael Brown / GCF


Dwarf Giraffe
Image credits: Emma Wells / GCF

So after studying them the researchers had said that the legs of these animals are shorter when compared with the normal giraffes of the same kind but the neck seems to have the same length. So overall the two guys Gimil and Nigel have a height of about 8.5-9.3ft whereas a normal giraffe would have a height of about 15-20ft. This is a significant difference when studied.


Dwarf Giraffe
Image credits: Michael Brown / GCF


Dwarf Giraffe
Image credits:  Emma Wells / Michael Brown / GCF

More information about them was shared by Dr. Micheal Brown with the Bored Panda. According to him even they had been surprised to see dwarf-giraffes. And about the dwarfism of giraffes, Mr. Brown had said that it’s not in favor for them. He had said that there might be problems that they have to face because they have short legs. And also because both, the giraffes are males he had said that there would face problems during mating.


But anyways the discovery of these lovely dwarf-giraffes is fascinating and surprising at the same time. For more information, you can check the GCF website or FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. So do leave a comment below sharing your thoughts about these amazing couple of animals who were spotted.

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