One of the biggest challenges that mankind and the entire world have faced is climate change. But here are some facts that the general world is unaware of.

  • The worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030

The United Nations special panel on climate change has in their special report of 2018; that the world has only twelve years to contain and prevent the worst results of climate change. With only about a decade left, the world has not yet taken any major concerns towards preventing these disasters. The global carbon emission has spiked up at an accelerating rate each year recently in a way which it never happened in the history of this planet. Earth day 202 is said to be the most crucial marker for a countdown of a crucial last decade of this planet.

  • The last 20 years are the warmest 20 years ever recorded.

The last twenty years on the planet is recorded to be the hottest twenty years on this planet, as per the IPCC report research in 2018 which is done by the World Meteorological Organization.

The twenty years have been accelerating in global warming; one surpassing the prior each year and still continuing.

  • More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction.

We are on the brink of one of the biggest mass extinctions in the world. Scientists have claimed that this extinction process is accelerated nearly 1000 times the natural rate. This is direct because of the climate change that only humans are responsible of. Diversity in species is crucial for the ecological systems of the earth and a huge amount of species are facing extinction at present which the next generations will not even get to know of.

  • Health issues and disasters

Humans are facing results of the climate change as well. Numerous natural disasters are at play; disrupting and destroying human life. The oceans are rising while the temperatures spike, worsening the living conditions on this slowly overpopulating planet. The ecological systems are being crippled and the natural order of life is therefore incomplete. New diseases and worse life conditions are now poorly backed up by governments. Polluted air, wildfires, floods, hurricanes of high category, shifting seasons and much more are present and are worsening day by day.

  • The world leaders are ignoring the fact.

The world and its leaders have been informed of climate change since the IPCC was formed in 1988. Many organizations and reports have claimed the importance and the urgency of attending to the matter. But the world leaders are continuously ignoring the matter based on economic reasons. The leading governments are pulling out of the existing environmental agreements because of disagreements and economical rivalries. The US alone could reduce carbon emission by almost 28 percent by 2025. But the governments are continuously ignoring the fact that climate change is an utmost important matter than their own economic well-being.

As the people of this planet, we have the responsibility for the destruction that our species have brought upon the world and the rest of the species who have made the earth their home. The governments are placed and powered by the people. So it is the people’s duty to urge the governments to shed light on this matter before it’s too late.

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