Saudi Arabia is striving to become a top tourist destination in the world, with ‘The-Line’ and the Red Sea Project leading the charge. This country which was known for their ‘closed’ culture, is now welcoming the world. ‘The Line’ is a $1 trillion super-city project set for completion by 2030, against initial skepticism.

Meanwhile, the ‘Red-Sea-Project’, funded by the Crown Prince, will transform the Saudi coastline with over 90 islands and 50 hotels. This project promises the ultimate tourist experience 8,000 rooms across various resorts by 2030.


Photo Courtesy: Giga Projects


Visitors can expect a wide range of crazy activities they won’t even expect. Trekking among dormant volcanoes to snorkeling along the fourth largest barrier reef globally, how cool is that?. The Red Sea Project also offers a ‘Bear Grylls’ Survival Academy by the legend himself!

The recently opened Red Sea Airport will be in charge of swift and convenient travel for guests. Furthermore, the project’s commitment to using 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 underscores Saudi Arabia’s dedication to sustainability in tourism.


Photo Courtesy: Unilad


Photo Courtesy: Giga Projects

With such awesome plans, the Red Sea Project is ready to redefine Saudi Arabia’s tourism landscape and establish the country as a premier global travel destination. Let us know what you think about this cool project in the comments section below.


Photo Courtesy: Unilad
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